Jorah is my problematic fave 

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tfw you start reading other books after ASOIAF and you’re like “600 pages?!??! That’s so easy!!!” 

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I wish I had an extra finger just so I could tattoo FUCK OASIS on my knuckles 

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A collection of known North Houses (requested by tastetate)

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Peggy ends the episode alone. Abe has left her, while Ted doesn’t react to that news in the way she might want. Just down the hall, Don is ready to go full steam ahead on the margarine account. All around her, activity is buzzing, but she’s a woman left adrift, at the center of this ’27 Yankees roster that the agency has put together but increasingly unsure of her position in the midst of that, because of the two men who keep making demands of her. (x)
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Actually when girls wear “boy clothes” they get called d*kes and lesbians! 

Stop acting like homophobia is a one way street that does not effect women!!!!!!! Destructive gender roles and homophobia goes both ways! and often hurts women more! 

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Anonymous said,
"In the UK a lot of people think others' health is their business because of the NHS and how much obesity/ obesity related problems are costing. There are real stats to support this kind of view, and I don't really how to counter it - any ideas?"


There are literally thousands of unhealthy behaviors people engage in every day that no one harps on them about, and thousands of wasteful, harmful programs that get people’s tax money that no one ever complains about having to pay for. Maybe they should whine about how many children in the Middle East their tax dollars have paid to kill before they get on someone’s case about eating a cheeseburger.

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I’m going to need everyone, but particularly women claiming the label of feminist, to knock it the fuck off with their pious handwringing about whether or not body positivity is encouraging too many women to feel good about themselves. I couldn’t think of anything that’s less your business than someone else’s health and body.

There are so few measures of health visible to the naked eye, especially to people not trained as medical professionals, that your healthy/unhealthy bullshit absolutely reeks of the same old “it’s okay to love yourself if you’re chubby with tits and a big ass and thighs, as long as you’ve got a tiny waist and an hour glass figure, but knock it the fuck off if you’ve got a belly or fat arms and legs” which is just the same old patriarchal body policing in nicer packaging. Are we only allowed to feel good about our bodies if they can be sexualized? At what BMI or body fat percentage or cholesterol level are we allowed to love ourselves, and at what line, oh wise one, should we be pushed back into the arms of the exploitative, unproven, and dangerous diet industry? Tell me when I should love myself and when I should be sucking down diet pills and starving myself and getting parts of my stomach amputated so as not to cause you any distress.

I can’t think of anything less counter-productive to making people healthy than discouraging them from loving themselves and their bodies. You want people to be healthy? Encourage them to love themselves and care for themselves no matter what they look like — unless of course you don’t give a shit about health, and what you’re really after is attractiveness and conformity. “Unhealthy” people aren’t required to martyr themselves for your comfort. People aren’t required to conform to your arbitrary fucking standards before they’re allowed to stop hating themselves. Mind your fucking business, stop policing other people, stay in your fucking lane.

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cool-daniela-fan said,
"To the best of your knowledge, is it possible to be overweight and healthy? Some people think promoting body positivity just encourages overweight people to stay unhealthy."



Yeah, it is. Bodies vary immensely in their bone structure and natural muscle and fat compositions, and equating skinny to healthy is just plain wrong. The trick word here is “overweight” and healthy. Because being what society considers “fat” doesn’t necessarily means you’re above a healthy weight for yourself. It all depends on how your body settles.

Look at how many athletes like olympic weightlifters are large and have a high fat percentage on their bodies. Does this mean they are unhealthy? They are peak athletes, train every day, have doctors and nutritionists at their disposition and are incredibly strong. High body fat percentage doesn’t mean you’re lazy, unfit, or unhealthy by itself, there are other factors to be considered.

And also keep in mind that society’s obsession with thinness is not about health. It’s about controlling women. It’s about making us neurotic and restrictive about one of the most basic needs of any animal, which is eating. It’s to keep us malnourished, weak and tired. It’s about making us chase an impossible goal and keeping us permanently frustrated and unsatisfied, so they can sell us more stuff. So yeah, don’t worry. You can be fat, healthy and fit. You can also be skinny and in really bad shape. These things are oversimplified to keep us running after moving goalposts.

Also who gives a shit? Why is someone else’s health any of your business? Why are unhealthy people not allowed to feel good about themselves and their bodies? Literally how does this affect you?

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